Welcome to Pueblo Viejo

We are proud to show you some of our flavors that we have created over the years through our platters we serve. We take great pride in serving you the freshest Mexican food around the Houston area. We have three locations to serve you. Livingston, Texas, Cleveland, Texas, and Porter, Texas.

This is our Story

The story began years ago when the Lozano brothers came to the U.S. for the “American Dream”. Through hard work to make their dream a reality, the Lozano brothers set out for an adventure that would lead them to success. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. There were ups and downs, good and bad days where their patience got tested. Sometimes to the point of just quitting and giving up their dream.

At the end that perseverance and dedication to become successful finally paid off with their first restaurant opening in Cleveland, Texas. After that their food and great customer service prevailed and the community started to recognize the great food Pueblo Viejo had brought to their community.

The dedication to provide their guests the best customer service was noticed and rewarded by returning clients coming back to eat their great food and not to mention the award-winning margaritas. Pueblo Viejo will continue to serve you the best Tex-Mex food and yummy margaritas for years to come as long as you keep coming back!

Come and taste the authentic flavors of Mexico at our restaurant today!

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