Pueblo Viejo – The Place to go for Mexican Food

If you’re out on the town in Cleveland, Texas and are thinking about where to dine on a Saturday night there aren’t too many  places to choose from.  Cleveland’s population is about 7,954 (based on a 2010 census). Sure there’s fast-food places to go to, but who wants to go there? What about a place to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice dinner with your friends or family. Pueblo Viejo is the place to go when looking for a fun atmosphere with great Mexican food.

There are many people who would recommend us locally, and we appreciate all the love from our regulars, but we love the recognition we get from guests who have never been to Pueblo Viejo before. We like to show more and more guests there are other great Mexican Restaurants out there that are not a big chain.

The Eagle 106.3 gave us a high rating for our food, service and overall dining experience in an article they published on their website called “A Night in Cleveland Texas at Pueblo Viejo!“. We would like to thank them for recommending us! That should give you a reason to come check us out if you haven’t already. We serve delicious authentic Mexican food, margaritas and promise to do everything we can to make your dining experience unique.

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